Targeted Executive Disclosures

f7F4GlT1, this is your private hidden service. If it leaks then your account will be closed.


7/1 - American Eagle Outfitters breach. Internal Pittsburgh C&C provides access to all,, email + 57MM BINs from USA, CA and Dubai inc name, address and geo. Bidding starts at $500,000

6/9 - Vodafone breach. Includes full dump of + access to internal C&C in de, gr, it + access to hundreds of senior staff inboxes inc CEO vittorio.colao. Bidding starts at $500,000

6/1 - Almirall pharma breach. Includes access to C&C + admin on all and email + 50,000 confidential documents detailing unreleased pharma, research, earnings and more. Bidding starts at $500,000

4/30 - Goldman Sach's HR DB dump. Bidding starts at $100,000

3/3 - LinkedIn disclosure on 15 executives + intermittent email access. Bidding starts at $10,000

3/1 - All private hidden service keys are rotating tomorrow

2/17 - Magicleap breach. Includes employee DB & hundreds of confidential documents. Bidding starts at $50,000